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Mil Map is a mapping and navigation application with a military focus.Mil Map downloads the map you are looking at and saves it to your device, every time, without asking. This allows you to travel places without internet and view the same maps you were looking at previously. You can also select an area and it will download the map at several zoom levels down. The number of zoom levels is dependent upon the map type (see below). This allows you to quickly select an area for more detailed mapping when you arent sure where exactly you will end up.
Different maps download at different levels:Mil Map Satellite - 3 levels downMil Map Satellite Night - 3 levels downMil Map Street Map - 3 levels downUSGS Topo - 4 levels downMap Quest Open Aerial - 5 levels down
Note that USGS Topo is currently not available at maximum zoom levels.
MilMap, when run on a device with an active internet connection and GPS such as a cell phone, also supports battle tracking. Your position will be sent periodically to a specific channel and the positions of others will be fetched periodically to your device. See the preferences for more options.
Other features are included.- MGRS. Built around the Military Grid Reference System.- Overlays. Create overlays with units and points of interest.- Toggle Grid Lines. Shows MGRS Grid Lines directly on the map.- Toggle GPS Tracking. Shows your position on the map. Draws a red line for directional orientation.
Please send in your crash reports. They allow me to make MilMap a more stable product. Additionally, please email your feature requests/gripes/concerns to: endeavor (at) rainbowsandpwnies (dot) com
Do not use MilMap for unauthorized purposes. MilMap is not designed to replace DoD approved devices/solutions for similar purposes.